RT PCR Test for COVID – 19 (For Individual)

RT PCR Test for COVID – 19 (For Individual)

Rs.1799 Rs.2500


This package covers

  1. Checks the presence of active SARS-CoV-2 virus in the body
  2. Indicates, if the tested individual has the COVID-19 infection
  3. It is a nasal/oral swab test
  4. Sample collection from your home, at your convenient time
  5. Option to select Lab/Hospital for test. Price may vary depending upon the choice of Lab/Hospital. Our agent will call to confirm your choice.
  6. Online report will be available in 24-36 hours from the time of sample pickup

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Combating Coronavirus in Nepal

In this pandemic, it can be difficult for most people to step out of their homes for blood check-ups. And for others, it can be risky. At TDOLabs, we understand that health cannot take a backseat even if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak going on. With the TDOLabs home collection service, you have the convenience of getting tests done at home at an affordable price without compromising on your safety.

The home visit service is especially helpful for people having weaker immunity and those who are at a higher risk of facing major complications from COVID-19. So instead of heading outside, having your sample collected at home is a safer way to ensure all health needs are fulfilled.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. This test helps to find out the presence of such a virus in your body by just collecting a sample from your Nose or Throat.

As we are staring at a potential rise of coronavirus in Nepal, testing, tracing and treating is the ideal way of curbing this spread. Testing on time helps provide early treatment which, in turn, prevents the spread to your loved ones and others around you.

Experiencing COVID-like symptoms? To book a COVID-19 test at home, call us on 9880-111-000




How to Book RT PCR test at home?


RT PCR Test in Kathmandu: Procedure & Test Results:


What is the COVID-19 RT PCR test?

The RT PCR test in Kathmandu is a diagnostic procedure used to determine the presence of the virus causing COVID-19. (Sars -Cov-2) Being highly accurate, it is considered to be one of the most reliable methods to detect an active coronavirus infection. During the procedure, the lab technician uses a sterile swab to carefully collect the contents from inside your throat or nose. Once collected, they are sent to a lab in your locality in Kathmandu for a detailed analysis.


Who should book an online COVID test in Kathmandu?


If the above-mentioned points apply to your situation, or if you have been diagnosed with chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc. then performing an RT PCR test in Kathmandu becomes crucial. In any case, if you have medical questions related to a specific health condition, You can consult TDO doctor anytime


When will the Reports of Covid Test be Available?

Due to the current situation, the Reports are generally available in 24-36 hours for Sample collection


Which cities do we covers?


Soon to be in more cities


How do I interpret my RT PCR results?

  • Positive RT PCR Results: A positive result indicates that you have an active COVID-19 infection. If tested positive, you must isolate yourself from your family until you test negative. You can either self-quarantine at home, or you can move to a COVID-19 care centre or hospital in Nepal depending on the severity of your symptoms. The most important step you need to take is to consult an Online General Physician Doctor in Nepal and ask for follow-up medical advice. This includes the medications you need to take, dietary changes, and your recovery course.
  • Negative RT PCR Results: A negative test result indicates that you do not have a COVID-19 infection. However, a negative result should not stop you from following the COVID-19 safety instructions of Nepal. Thus, continue social distancing and wear a mask when you leave the house.


Can an antibody test detect the COVID-19 virus?

There’s a common misconception that an antibody test can be used to determine the presence of an active COVID-19 infection. However, as the name suggests, an antibody test can only be used to check for antibodies you’ve developed for the infection. Unlike the COVID RT PCR test, the COVID-19 antibody test is not used for diagnostic purposes. However, if you know someone who was diagnosed with coronavirus disease in the recent past, it is recommended that they perform a COVID-19 antibody test to understand their immunity status against the infection.


Why TDO Labs?


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