Men's Health Screening Platinum

Men's Health Screening Platinum

Rs.12999 Rs.25002

37 Tests & Profiles Included

As the individual grows so is bound to undergo physiological and psychological changes throughout life. One becomes easily prone to health conditions, especially if your family has a history of any medical problems like diabetes or blood pressure. The package includes tests & profiles like Complete blood count tests, Electrolyte Panel, Diabetes Screening, Liver Function Test, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Function Test, Routine Urine Analysis, Vitamin Pane, Cancer Screening, Kidney Function Tests, Inflammation Marker, Gout test, Serum Calcium Levels.

Early detection will always give you a chance to effectively manage, prevent and treat conditions. Men's Health Platinum Screening at home is followed by a teleconsultation with a general Physician that allows you to remain in control of your health.

We recommend choosing Men's Health Platinum Screening once a year for a complete analysis of your health that comprises important tests.

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What tests does a comprehensive full body checkup for Men include? There are a total of 37 Test & Profile included in a Wellness for Men package includes the following tests:

  • A Complete blood count tests: A CBC test can help reveal your overall and general health, and can help identify infections or disorders present in the body.
  • Electrolyte Panel: This test is used to evaluate if the salt and mineral levels in your body are balanced.
  • Diabetes Screening: A diabetes screening test can catch early symptoms and signs of diabetes, as well as high blood sugar symptoms. Based on the results, you’ll be put in touch with a diabetes doctor.
  • Liver Function Test: These tests help determine if your liver is in good health.
  • Lipid Profile: A lipid profile helps determine the cholesterol levels in your blood. These tests also generate the number of fats, of various types, in your bloodstream. These can help evaluate the risk for stroke and cardiac diseases, among others.
  • Thyroid Function Test: A thyroid profile test includes a TSH blood test and tests to analyse your T3 and T4 levels. The results will help determine the functioning of your thyroid, and a doctor will help you contact an endocrinologist if required.
  • Routine Urine Analysis: The urine tests provide complete urine analysis. This helps in checking for urinary tract infections and signs of hypertension, diabetes, or fatty liver disease.
  • Vitamin Panel: A vitamin deficiency test will check for normal B12 levels and normal vitamin D level. A vitamin B12 deficiency in pregnancy especially can be a serious risk.
  • Cancer Screening: This test helps detect Prostrate, Pancreas, Intestine cancer in men. If you are at risk for the same, you’ll be asked to consult an oncologist.
  • Kidney Function Tests: These tests are used to determine the health and functioning of your kidneys. A nephrologist is a specialist who specialises in kidney diseases.
  • Inflammation Marker: Used to detect levels of certain factors which are elevated in your body during infections and chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus and even cancers.
  • Gout test: The gout test helps in determining if you have high levels of uric acid in your body.
  • Serum Calcium Levels: If the serum Calcium levels is too much or too little calcium in the blood, it may be a sign of bone disease, thyroid disease, kidney disease, or other medical conditions.


Services Includes:

- Appointment booking
- Collection at the home facility
- Accurate and error free report with hi-tech solutions
- FREE Online medical record management
- FREE Report evaluation
- FREE 1 Month TDO Nepal doctor consultation package worth Rs.100
- FREE Medicine prescription (If required)

- 12-14 hours fasting
- Avoid Non-veg & fried food 24 hrs before test
- Avoid alcoholic beverages 48 hours before the check-up

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