Advance Full Body Health Checkup with Covid Antibody

Advance Full Body Health Checkup with Covid Antibody

Rs.7752 Rs.13600

23 Tests & profiles are included

Timely screening can help you in avoiding illnesses and with TDO Labs Full Body Checkup With Covid IgG Antibody, you can keep a track of your health in the best way because TDO Labs is Nepal's leading health test @ home service with more. The Full Body Checkup With Covid IgG Antibody available in Kathmandu has 23 Profile tests that give you a clear idea of your health. Full Body Checkup offers tests and profiles focusing towards the profiles that cover Complete Blood Count, Thyroid screening, Liver profile, Lipid profile, Kidney profile, Diabetic Screening, Hepatitis Screening, Inflammatory Marker like ESR, Complete Routine Urine Analysis, Serum Calcium Level and vitamins levels. An additional test of Covid IgG Antibody.

Service available in Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, & Chitwan only.

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The Advance Full Body Health Checkup with Covid antibody offers a preventive approach to Health. The package that aids in monitoring your health conditions, thereby preventing any lifestyle-related or metabolic health issues. With an Additional test of Covid Antibody, individuals can know the immunity status against the Covid-19 infection.

Parameters in detail:


Complete Blood Count
- Haemoglobin
- RBC count
- WBC count
- Platelet count
- RBC & Platelet Indicies
- WBC Differential counts
Diabetes Screening
- Hba1c
Lipid Screening
- Total Cholesterol
Liver Function Test
- Bilirubin Total
Hepatitis B screening
- Hbsag
Kidney Function Test
- Creatinine
Gout Test - Uric Acid
Thyroid Function Test
- TSH Level
- T3 Level
- T4 Level
Inflammatory Marker
Routine Urine Analysis
Serum Calcium Level
Vitamin Profile
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin D"
Covid Antibody Test

Services Includes:

- Appointment booking
- Collection at the home facility
- Accurate and error-free report with hi-tech solutions
- FREE Online Medical record management
- FREE Report evaluation
- FREE 1 Month TDO Nepal Doctor consultation package worth Rs.100
- FREE Medicine Prescription (If Required)


- 12-14 hours fasting
- Avoid Non-veg & fried food 24 hrs before the test
- Avoid alcoholic beverages 48 hours before the check-up

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